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Our Expedio™ Hereditary Cancer and Inspexion™ Pharmacogenomics tests are physician-directed genetic screenings that offer a cost-effective strategy designed to achieve optimized, personalized care for your patients. 

Benefits of Our Partnership Program

Kailos Genetics precision medicine tests utilize next generation DNA sequencing to customize healthcare for all patients. Personalize patient care and treatment while saving healthcare dollars. Contact us to discover what Kailos Genetics can do for your organization.

Please click here to see the poster "Pharmacogenomics Applied to Chronic Pain Treatment in Primary Care (PGx-ACT) trial: A Largely Virtual Randomized Trial" presented by Dr. Max Smith from MedStar Health at the 2023 American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting which utilized the Kailos Genetics pharmacogenomics sequencing test.  The primary objective of the study was to identify the effects of providing pharmacogenomic results and recommendations for patients with chronic pain who are treated in primary care clinics vs. standard care. 

Informed treatment decisions

Informed treatment decisions

More efficient spending

More efficient healthcare spending

Customized data

Customized data delivery


Service available throughout the U.S.*

*not available in NY

Optimized, cost-efficient healthcare for your patients.


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