Frequently Asked Questions

Kailos Genetics will never sell your genetic information.  We will only share your de-identified data for research purposes if you provide express consent for us to do so.  Kailos will only provide you and your designated physician access to your genetic data.

Yes.  Because your results could uncover a serious medical risk, your physician is the best person to discuss your healthcare options.  Your physician or clinic office does not need to be involved in sample collection.

Costs vary depending on the test, but in general the price is between $200 to $250.  We are a direct pay company so there is no insurance claim to file.

You will receive an email notification that your genetic testing results are ready.  You can then log in to your Kailos account on our website and access and download a PDF of the results.  Your physician will receive your results approximately two days before you do in case there are results your physician would prefer to discuss with you directly. 

Your test results will be ready approximately two weeks after we receive your sample.

A simple, painless cheek swab is required to run the Kailos genetic tests. You can collect the sample yourself in the comfort of your own home.  A video of the collection process can be found here.

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